Sustainable Saturday: Buy Used

There are times when I have considered purchasing a new Hybrid or all electric vehicle. Then I think about all the carbon emissions that are spread in order create the car in the first place. So, I am here today to explain why being used vehicles can many times be better than buying new, even better than buying new Hybrid or all electric.

According to, “For example, a typical medium sized family car will create around 24 tonnes of CO2 during its life cycle, while an electric vehicle (EV) will produce around 18 tonnes over its life. For a battery EV, 46% of its total carbon footprint is generated at the factory, before it has travelled a single mile.”

This statistic shows that almost half of the CO2 produced during the life of the car is just from the factory and creation of the car. Now if you buy new, this means that the used car is just sitting on the lot and now a new car is being made which, in essence, is doubling the CO2 production. This is why I suggest to buy used.

Buying used means that not only are you giving a used vehicle a new life, but you are also preventing more carbon emissions from the creation of a new car. I just today traded into my car for a new to me (used) car. I couldn’t be happier with me choice that will ultimately help the planet by limiting the excess carbon via a new car.

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