My name is Sarah. I’m an educator, baker, gardener, blogger, and urban homesteader! In March of 2020, at the start of the pandemic, I started a small backyard garden that very quickly expanded into a backyard farm with chickens, fruit trees, fruit bushes, and more than three-quarters of my backyard covered in garden beds, with the gardens slowly expanding into the front yard. I grow and harvest as much food as I can to maintain a natural, organic, and sustainable food source all year long.

I run an in-home “cottage bakery” where I produce a variety of organic bread and baked goods. I am also pursuing several gardening and horticulture certifications, and hope to start some consultation services soon.

I am very committed to lifestyle changes that will better the planet. I believe deeply that being more self-sufficient and working towards sustainably is one way we can work to heal our planet. It’s all about working together and taking steps to live a more sustainable lifestyle!

Follow me as I continue on my journey to build my urban homestead! I will share all the failures and triumphs with you, in the hopes that you can learn from me and start to create your own sustainable paradise!

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