Together we can develop a more sustainable lifestyle and planet! I’m a teacher, baker, gardener, blogger, and urban homesteader! I sell a variety of sustainably made and packaged breads & baked goods!

I’m a teacher by day and baker by night (and evenings, weekends, mornings). I was out of work due to COVID-19 and decided to turn my love for baking and sustainability into a business! All my products are Earth friendly and made with lots of love!

It all started in April 2020 when I was looking through my refrigerator and found a 4+ week old loaf of bread that still looked brand new. Gross! This lit a fire under me to start making my own, and ensuring that everything was natural and sustainable. I had a lot of interest in my breads and other baked goods from neighbors, friends, and family. Now here I am 12 months later with a legit business!

I am very committed to lifestyle changes that will better the planet. I believe deeply that being more self sufficient and working towards sustainably is one way we can work to heal our planet. It’s all about working together and taking steps to live a more sustainable lifestyle! 🌏

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