My Urban Homestead (noun): A woman owned and operated St. Louis, South City based bakery and urban homestead! Using organic, sustainable ingredients and making everything with love!

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Pico de Gallo

Pico is such a delicious, fresh summer item. It’s especially wonderful if you can use produce that is right from your garden, but story bought is great as well! It is great with just chips or as a topping on burgers, nachos, or whatever else you’d like. Ingredients: 1 medium onion 2 jalapenos 3 mediumContinue reading “Pico de Gallo”

Italian Wedding Soup

I don’t normally think of eating soup on a 90 degree day, but it just sounded so good! It’s both light and hardy. Yum! It can be a little labor intensive, but you can prep portions in advance to make the actual cooking much simpler. Start by making the meatballs. The meatballs can be madeContinue reading “Italian Wedding Soup”

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