My Urban Homestead (noun): A woman owned and operated St. Louis, South City based bakery and urban homestead! Using organic, sustainable ingredients and making everything with love!

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Foaming Hand Soap

We finally got to the end of our disposable hand soaps. I hated all the plastic that was being thrown away, but I also didn’t want to waste them by starting something new. So many months later, we are finally done with them! Huzzah! I decided that I wanted to start making my own handContinue reading “Foaming Hand Soap”

Walnut Pesto

We had a boatload of basil come in from our 12 plants and between drying it and using fresh, we still had lots leftover. So Pesto it is! I’ve never been much of a pine nut fan, so for Pesto, I much prefer to use walnuts. However, the lovely thing about Pesto is you canContinue reading “Walnut Pesto”

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