Chicken First Aid

Here are some recommendations for chicken first aid and care. Please note that there are some conditions that require further intervention from a trained professional. If your chickens have worms, small viruses, minor illnesses, are egg bound, have cuts, or small wounds, you should be able to support your chickens at home. When in doubt,Continue reading “Chicken First Aid”

How to Transition Your Chickens to a new Home

Transitioning chickens can be a long process. It also really depends on the age of the birds, and if you already have hens at home. I will give an overview of how to transition your chickens to their new home. No matter what, it is very important to quarantine your chickens prior to moving themContinue reading “How to Transition Your Chickens to a new Home”

Top 5 Ways to Start Living a More Sustainable Lifestyle

1. Start Composting I have an old bowl that sits on my countertop that I put all my cooking scraps. Once the bowl fills up (or gets too gross), I take it out back and dump it into my compost piles. I am blessed to have enough space that I can have compost piles. IContinue reading “Top 5 Ways to Start Living a More Sustainable Lifestyle”