What I’ve Learned So Far…

As I looked at the remnants of my garden, I thought I’d share with you some things I learned. I started the season back in April with a garden chock full of budding tomatoes, bell peppers, cabbages, lettuce, and onions! Now, all that’s left is some lone parsley and Serrano peppers. I didn’t manage muchContinue reading “What I’ve Learned So Far…”

Sustainable Saturday!!

With school having recently started and many kiddos in virtual learning, I thought I’d focus today on technology use! Turn off computers and laptops after using them. This reduces electric usage and protects your devices from power outages which can damage them. Believe me, this happened to me just a couple weeks ago! Recycle oldContinue reading “Sustainable Saturday!!”

Sustainable Saturday!

It’s Sustainable Saturday! Huzzah! Sustainable Tip: Use silicone baking mats instead of Parchment Paper when baking! Silicone baking mats can withstand high heat from repeated oven cooking and baking. They are washable and can be used again and again! Using silicone baking mats helps reduce extra waste since it replaces single use parchment paper. TheyContinue reading “Sustainable Saturday!”