Sustainable Saturday: Clothes Line

It’s a beautiful Saturday here in the midwest, and when the Sun is out it makes me start to think about setting up my clothes lines! Drying your clothing on a clothes line is an easy way to save energy and use Earth’s sustainable resources to dry your clothing. I always have a clothes lineContinue reading “Sustainable Saturday: Clothes Line”

Sustainable Saturday: Sun Tea

With the weather getting warmer and the sun staying out longer, there is a natural, sustainable, and energy efficient way to make tea: Sun Tea! Making Sun Tea is super easy. All you need is a large, clear container to hold the tea, the tea if your choice, and a space outside that gets sun.Continue reading “Sustainable Saturday: Sun Tea”

Sustainable Saturday: Learn Something New

Something that is sometimes missed when being sustainable is a persons ability to contribute. I am here to encourage you to learn a new skill. Since starting my homesteading journey, I have learned so many new skills. I recently started tackling my own repairs and such without help from my husband. Even six months agoContinue reading “Sustainable Saturday: Learn Something New”

Sustainable Saturday: DIY Deodorant

A sustainable, natural, and money saving choice you can make to to make your own deodorant! It’s super easy to make and works great! I use it every day and love it. It smells wonderful, goes on clear, and there isn’t any residue on my clothes. Give it a try! Ingredients: 10-15 drops essential oilContinue reading “Sustainable Saturday: DIY Deodorant”