Chicken First Aid

Here are some recommendations for chicken first aid and care. Please note that there are some conditions that require further intervention from a trained professional. If your chickens have worms, small viruses, minor illnesses, are egg bound, have cuts, or small wounds, you should be able to support your chickens at home. When in doubt, seek professional help and advice!

Pumpkin and Pumpkin Seeds: These are natural worm prevention products and the chickens also love pumpkin as a snack!

Garlic: This is also a natural worm prevention tool. I use granulated garlic and sprinkle it on their food. You can also drop some gently smashed, whole garlic cloves in their water.

Hen Healer: This is a blue paste that you can apply to small cuts and such. Chickens will pack at the color red, so covering the injuries prevent the hens from pecking at the wound and causing more harm. This is what I use most during pecking order time.

Diatomaceous Earth: This is a powder that slices up small insects. This is used to prevent and kill mites and other small pests. I sprinkle this all around the chicken run, coop, and even sometimes on their legs and bodies.

Pure Planet Poultry Spray: This is an all natural spray using cottonseed and clove oils to kill and prevent mites, fleas, and ticks.

Oregano Oil: This has antimicrobial properties. You can add some to the water or give a few drops into their mouth.

Apple Cider Vinegar: This has probiotic properties. Add some to their water.

Epsom Salt: This is good for calming birds and helping them pass eggs that may be stuck (egg bound).

Vetericyn: This is a good, all around spray for many types of injuries and illnesses.

Wound Wrap, Tape: There are some wounds that need to be covered, just like for humans. Having wraps and tape that are not ree colored can be used on chickens.

Scissors, Small Scalpel: Some injuries may need a little intervention with scissors or a scalpel. This is not often needed, but still keep them on hand.

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