Foaming Hand Soap

We finally got to the end of our disposable hand soaps. I hated all the plastic that was being thrown away, but I also didn’t want to waste them by starting something new. So many months later, we are finally done with them! Huzzah!

I decided that I wanted to start making my own hand soap for a few reasons. 1. To save money. 2. To use less plastic. 3. To be more natural.

I started by getting foaming soap pumps that fit onto glass jars. I used 8oz mason jars. You want to use foaming soap pumps for this.

To actually make the soap, you’ll need 1 part Castile Soap, 4 parts water, and essential oils of your choice. I use Dr. Bonner’s Castile Soap, but you can use whatever kind you like it even make your own! 😊

In the jar, fill 1 part Castile Soap. One part for me was about a quarter cup. Then add 4 parts (1 cup) water. Add 10-15 drops of your choice of essential oils if you’d like scented soap. If can also skip the oils for unscented. I added a combination of cinnamon and clove oils to give the soap a fall smell. With the oils, this is a great time to experiment and mix and match scents to make something that smells wonderful for you! After you’ve adding the Castile soap, water, and oils, pop on the foaming pump and seal it tightly. Now shake the jar to get everything good and combined. Now you’re good to go!

Making your own hand soap is a super quick and easy process that gives you a sustainable, all natural product. Enjoy!

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