Sustainable Saturday: Seal the Gaps

During winter it is so important to make sure your home is sealed to keep the warm air in and the cold air out. You don’t want to be heating the outside or spending extra energy to keep your home warm due to cold drafts. The best solution is to seal all the gaps. Here are some ideas to help you!

1. Hang heavy drapes that will block the windows and create a wall. We hang heavy drapes all throughout the house, and I can tell a huge difference in the room temperature from when they are open versus when they are closed.

2. Purchase or make door and window seals. They are relatively inexpensive to buy. You can also make them with old towels or even pool noodles! I’m personally a fan of the towel method, because they are easier to adjust.

3. Add insulation to your roof, and anywhere it’s needed. Insulation in your roof will help keep heat in. When the heat rises, the insulation will keep some heat in instead of releasing it out into the air. You will see a huge change in your energy bills with the addition of extra insulation.

4. Ultimately, the best thing to do (if you can) is to update your windows to include double or even triple insulated. This can be a very expensive update. My husband and I are working on saving to update our windows.

Basically, no matter what you do, you will see improvements in the temperature of your home and see changes in your energy bills!

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