Chicken Coop Arrival

Yesterday was such an exciting day! I placed the order for my chicken coop back in November 2020. I wanted the coop set and in the yard by the end of January so that I’d have plenty of time to prepare for chickens to arrive.

Well last week I received an email that my coop would be ready for delivery. Then Sunday I was told the coop would be delivered Monday. This was serendipitous because I was off work on Monday, so I could greet him for delivery.

Now I live in a typical city house with a fenced in yard. This created a problem since the coop is four feet wide and my gate was only 3 feet wide. So the coop builder had to plop the coop in my front yard.

The joy I felt when I saw that long trailer pull up my street is unexplainable. I was beyond pumped!

We then had to figure out how to get the Bobcat onto the yard without causing too much harm to the grass or my neighbors yard. I was so excited to get the coop that I told him he can do as much damage he wants to my yard, since grass can be fixed. We just had to watch and stay far away from my neighbors yard. In the end, very little damage was done to the grass!

When the coop builder picked up the coop with the Bobcat, it was so scary. All I kept thinking was it was going to fall and just smash all over my street. He did a great job though! Just like that, the coop was safety on the ground in my front yard.

Now was the next step of waiting to get the coop into the backyard. Luckily, business is slow at my husband’s workplace and they were able to come the same day!

I am so thankful that my husband has chosen a career where he moves furniture! Bonus he works with many large men who also are very good at moving large, heavy objects. Within two hours of the coop being dropped off, two large mens showed up with my husband to help the little lady move the coop to the yard.

I was hopeful that the three of them would be able to get it so I could take photos, however this was not the case. With the coop being almost 300 pounds, 4 feet wide, and 5 feet tall, they needed a fourth person. So I had to drop the camera and help carry the coop.

Once we got it into the backyard, my husband and I were able to rotate the coop and screw it all together so that it got all set up and ready!

The doggies were super excited to explore and sniff this new addition to the yard. I’m quite happy to have it here, and I love seeing all the space I still have to fill with gardens, plants, fruit trees, and whatever else we’d love to grow!

Next steps:

1. Get some medium sized river rocks to place around the base of the coop and run. This is to prevent pests from digging into the coop.

2. Finish purchasing coop supplies, food, treats, and anything else the hens may need or want.

3. Purchase 4 hens to bring home sometime in April or May.

4. Continue my research so that I am beyond prepared for the arrival of the hens!

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