Sustainable Saturday: Freeze in Canning Jars

Not in the mood to pressure can or water bath can? No problem! You can freeze in canning jars! Reusable glass canning jars as a sustainable choice for food storage. They can be washed and reused over and over.

I like to use Ball or Kerr jars. Make sure you use wide mouth jars for freezing to prevent the jar from shattering when the food expands. The wide mouth on the jar prevents the bottle next that can lead to breakage.

1. Fill the wide mouth jar about 75-80% full of whatever you want to freeze.

2. Make sure the food is at room temperature or fridge chilled first.

3. Clean off the top of the jar where the lid will be screwed on.

4. Now, just place the lid on the jar, don’t screw it on yet.

5. Place the filled jars in a level freezer or deep freeze.

6. Allow the jars to freeze overnight.

7. Once the food inside is completely frozen, now screw on the lid tightly.

8. Label your jars and you’re golden! The frozen food can be kept frozen for as long as the food or recipe dictates.

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