Whole Wheat Flour Mishaps

Let me tell you all about my adventures in trying to purchase Whole Wheat Flour!

I was quite irritated at it all! The Universe did not want me to be able to bake Wheat Bread!

I am unable to find wheat flour in St. Louis that isn’t an outrageous price, so I decide to buy flour online. I believe it’s due to limited supply because of COVID-19. I figured there was no harm in purchasing and having flour delivered, right? I was most definitely wrong.

The first bag of wheat flour I bought, my dog ate! It was delivered with no issues. The bag was perfect and was not harmed during delivery. I put the bag on the shelf and planned to make Whole Wheat Bread the next day. I went out to run and errand and came home to find whole wheat flour all over the floor and in huge sticky clumps from being eaten. There was flour all over the dog as well. When I first stepped in the door, he was still licking the floor and, you should have seen the look on his face. I didn’t even have to say a word, he, very quickly, ran outside.

So, then I had to buy a new bag. I purchased online again, because I still couldn’t find a 5 pound bag of flour that was less than $10 at the grocery store. The second bag of wheat flour were lost in the mail. I waited and waited for weeks. I watched the tracker and saw it go all over the U.S. It started in Florida and went to Chicago and then over the Denver. It finally ended up in the middle of nowhere upstate New York when I was told it was “delivered.” I politely called and got a refund.

The third bag of flour arrived on my porch with a loud thump. I carried the box into my kitchen and noticed that flour was sprinkling out if the box leaving a trail from the door to the kitchen. I opened the box and found flour completely smashed and a huge pile of flour in the bottom of the box. Just my luck! I was again on the phone with another company for a refund, and again cleaning my house because of a mess of whole wheat flour!

I finally found flour back in stock after giving up for about a month post flour escapades. Now I’m able to make wonderful Whole Wheat Bread anytime. I just had to go through the trials before. I suppose I proved myself worthy to the bread gods.

Join me in my annoyance, and share about any kitchen mishaps you’ve had! Comment below! ⬇️

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