Sustainable Saturday (Halloween Tips)

Happy Halloween everyone! Here are some easy sustainable tips for Halloween! 🍬

1. Buy costumes and decorations second hand or make your own. Buying some second hand stores allows costumes to be reused and not wasted. This is especially important if the costume has plastic pieces. You can also get crafty and make your own costumes! Bonus: If your DIY costume looks bad, it’s Halloween, just say you’re the zombie version of whatever you were orginally going for and no one will know the difference.

2. Pass out Hershey Kisses or Boxed Raisins to avoid plastics. Kisses are wrapped in foil and the raisins are in cardboard boxes. Both of these wraps can be recycled!

3. Don’t dip pumpkins in bleach or preserve them. Let nature do its thing and allow the pumpkin to decompose or allow the squirrels to eat it. You could also skip carving the pumpkin and it’ll last for months in the house away from hungry squirrels.

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