Sustainable Saturday

DIY Soap


– Goat’s Milk Soap Base

– Silicone Soap Mold (or any loaf pan)

– pot (or microwave safe bowl)

– soap add ins

– spray bottle with rubbing alcohol


1. In a pot or bowl, melt the soap base. I don’t have a microwave, so I do all my melting and reheating and such in a pot on the stove – go old school in my house! If you have a microwave, use it. Pop the soap in and nuke it for 30 seconds and repeat until the soap is melted.

2. Mix in the add ins you desire. Some examples are coffee grounds, oats, honey, essential oils, lavender petals, etc. These add ins can be almost anything that appeals to you. You can even add in luster dust to make your skin shimmer if you so desire. The world is your oyster with this step!

3. Pour the soup into the mold. I have silicone soap molds, but you can also use a loaf pan. If you use the loaf pan, you will need to cut the soap into bars (similarly to how to slice bread).

4. Lightly tap the soap filled mold on a flat surface to bring any bubbles to the top.

5. Spray the soap with the rubbing alcohol to pop any of the surface bubbles.

6. Allow the soap to solidify in the fridge. This can vary in time depending on your mold type and what add ins you included. Just check it on a regular basis. It’ll become foggy looking throughout when it’s completely solid.

7. Pop out the molds and use!

**Tomorrow, I’ll be sharing a video of my first time making soap! Oh my!**

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