Sustainable Saturday

Self Care

In the difficult and confusing and frustrating times we are living in, it is important to take care of yourself. With my students, we meditate and learn new mindfulness strategies daily. This really helps get myself and my students focused and ready for the day. For the past two Friday’s since the weather has been so nice in St. Louis, I have gone outside after work and laid on a blanket in the middle of my backyard and just meditated. Yesterday I listed to a guided meditation. Last week, I just laid and was present with myself in the moment.

I encourage you to try taking a few minutes each day just to be mindful, be present with yourself and let all the thoughts of the day leave for just a moment. It really helps to get focused and engaged for the start of the day, or to relax at the closure of the day.

Start small, with just one or two minutes and work yourself up to as many as you can. Even with our busy days, it is important to be able to take some time for ourselves.

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