What is Urban Homesteading?

When talking to my Mother-in-Law, she mentioned that her friend imagined me pulling around a cow now that I have a “homestead.” I thought this was funny, but then it got me thinking that many people probably don’t know what Urban Homesteading is, and think of a homestead as like a classic farm. So, here I am today to explain what Urban Homesteading is. 👩‍🌾

Urban Homesteading is about implementing tried and true sustainable practices, all while living in a metropolitan area. People that have Urban Homesteads are taking a step back from modern life and going about things in a more traditional manner. Urban Homesteaders grow as much of their own food as they can. They raise livestock that is permitted in city locations such as chickens or rabbits. Urban Homesteaders make their own meals, breads, and goods. They make or mend their clothing, and put clothes out to dry on the line. Urban Homesteading is in line with rural farming, but on a much smaller scale, and while still relying on some urban, modern comforts. Believe me, I am not meant to be on a farm or away from the noise of the city!

All these practices are very sustainable practices. Many don’t require additional electricity or fossil fuels. Urban Homesteading is a way to be more self sufficient, and using sustainable practices that have been used for millennia.

I live in the city limits of St. Louis, MO. For the city, I have been blessed with a home that has a large backyard. My Urban Homestead will include many large gardens, fruit trees, and chickens. I compost to supply my own soil. I collect rainwater to water the garden and chickens (no cows allowed here 🐮). I sew, hem, and mend my clothing whenever possible. I am working towards living a more basic and sustainable lifestyle. Within reason, I will try to use as much of my property for growing food as I can.

Growing your own food and raising hens isn’t for everyone, and that’s okay! I will, however, push you to try to make small changes to your lifestyle that are healthy, holistic, and sustainable.

I hope this was helpful and informational. As always, please feel free to comment or email me at myurbanhomestead.stl@gmail.com. 😁

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