I am here today to tell you all about the importance of and how to naturally fertilize your gardens. I added the word naturally, because while there are many store bought fertilizers, nothing is at good as natural!

I’ll admit, I was clueless in this area, so what did I do, I purchased the name brand fertilizer. It was the middle of COVID-19, so I had the fertilizer delivered. The box arrived and inside was neon blue, spherical crystals! My first thought was, “what did I just buy, nothing in nature is this shade of blue!” Not wanting to waste money and still having no clue about fertilizing, I mixed the crystals with water and poured it onto the garden as the box directed even two weeks for a couple months. 😟

Did these magical, cerulean spheres make any difference? In my opinion, no. The garden did not look any different and it didn’t produce any more or less than prior to using this fertilizer.Now, all during those months, I was busy researching a more natural alternative. I wanted something that was organic and could save me money (the blue stuff wasn’t cheap). 🤑

I found several natural options online that I am eager to try! I will post again about my adventures in fertilizing next year after I’ve given some of these a try!In the meantime, I will share with you all the natural fertilizers that you can try!

1) Compost Tea 🌿 The ratio of compost to water for this mixture should be 1 to 10 (one part compost to 10 parts water). Put the compost water mixture in an airtight container and shake it up. Allow this to sit for a couple days (2-4). Give it another mix and then strain off the chunks through a fine sieve. The liquid that’s left is full of the nutrients from your compost pile. Don’t forget to put the sieved off chunks back into the compost! This is great for all your garden plants.

2) Weed Tea 🍃 This is made just like Compost Tea, but you are using weeds. You can add grass clippings or leaves to this as well. Make sure the weeds have not gone to seed. This is great for all your garden plants.

3) Poop Tea 💩 Yay poop! Like the other teas, add water, let it sit, and put it in the garden. Make sure you are only using the poop from herbivores, such as chickens or rabbits or Guinea Pigs. This is great for all your garden plants.

4) Banana Peels 🍌 In an airtight container, add a few banana peels and cover them with water. Put the lid on the container and let the peels and water sit for a few days (3 or more). After a few days, remove the peels and the water you are left with is full of potassium! This is great for peppers and tomatoes.

5) Eggshells 🥚 This is made just like the Banana Peel fertilizer. Put some egg shells in an airtight container and add water. Put the lid on the jar and shake it up. Now let it sit for 3 or more days. Once the mixture has sat long enough, give it another shake and then remove the shells. The water is full of calcium! This is great for peppers and tomatoes.

6) Vegetable Water 🥕 Any time you steam veggies, the water that is left if full of the nutrients from the veggies you cooked. Don’t throw away that water! Use it for your garden!

7) Epsom Salt Mix one tablespoon of Epsom salt with a gallon of water and mix well. No need to strain this mixture as the salt will dissolve. This is full of magnesium and is great for peppers and tomatoes!All these methods have the added benefit that they are also watering your garden at the same time! You should fertilize your garden about 2-4 times per month.

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